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How To Find Best Restaurants Near Me

Sometimes you may ask, “What are the best restaurants near me?” or “What is the best food delivery near me?” Oftentimes finding them is not very clear cut. Hopefully this article would help you figure it out what to do the next time you ask yourself, “What are the best Chinese restaurants near me?”, for example.

First, try to do a quick Internet search using Google, putting in a search phrase, like “Mexican restaurants near me” or “Italian restaurants near me”, depending on your craving. Usually there are a lot of results that would turn up. If you do not come up with any substantial results, try putting in your city and zip code in the search field for fewer and more exact results. You can also include the cuisine you are looking for, as well as your budget.

Next, if you still came up with too many choices, try to download an app on your iPhone or Android phone that has to do with food and/or restaurants. We recommend looking through the rankings of food and/or restaurants apps so you are guaranteed to get the most popular or most highly ranked apps in terms of food and/or restaurants. The app that specializes in food and/or restaurant apps can typically detect your location through cell sites and can locate the nearest restaurants near you. You can even limit your search to cuisines, locations, budgets, and the like. These criteria are particularly important when you are in a place you are unfamiliar with. Some usually recommended restaurant discovery apps are Foodspotting, Google Places, OpenTable, Urbanspoon, and Yelp.

Foodspotting encourages you to look for and share dishes that you like. However, this is not solely for restaurants. When you use Foodspotting, you will be asked to take pictures of the food and drink you like, upload it to the app, give your thoughts, and tell the Foodspotting community where you are. When you use the Foodspotting app, photos of food and dishes near you are displayed and not just list of restaurants near you. The Foodspotting community then likes or favorites your photos, and trade “wants” and “noms” for dishes they want to try out and dishes that they really like. The visual approach of Foodspotting is a new way to discover new food among the food discovery apps.

Relatively, Google Places is new compared to other restaurant discovery apps. Nonetheless, it is getting real traction. With Google’s increasing database of restaurant information and user submitted information, you can easily spot bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and even other places such as ATMs, banks, and gas stations, near you at any moment in time. Just tap a location to find photos, read more about the restaurant and/or how to contact them, write your review, or check in using Google Places. Using Android, the app is a part of Google Maps. This allows you to get exact driving directions to the restaurant or to call the restaurant directly.

OpenTable began as a quick and convenient way to make table reservations at restaurants using your Smartphone—that is, without having to call the host, who may be prone to human error. Although OpenTable still has the reservations function, it has collaborated with Yelp to exchange reservations and reviews. The app gives you the ability to see nearby restaurants using a top-down map, get points and awards for reservations, and read reviews from members of OpenTable.

Although it started as a BlackBerry app, Urbanspoon and its trademark, “shake to randomly select a place to have lunch” slot machine is still very much in place. Nonetheless, the slot machine feature is kind of gimmick-y. Urbanspoon enables you to share and compare your reviews with friends, look for restaurants near you, and the like. To improve its reviews and ratings, Urbanspoon also incorporates reviews from food blogs and newspapers. This gives a level of authority and gravity to the reviews that other restaurant search services are lacking.

Yelp is the better known crowd sourced restaurant review and ratings website. Beyond its mobile site, Yelp has apps for almost all platforms and it uses your phone’s GPS to look for and display to you the bars, clubs, restaurants, and other locations are in your vicinity. You can filter based on opening times, type of food, and estimated cost. Because Yelp has a massive community, this means that you can typically search for some good ideas on where to go and what to eat. While there are a lot of reviews for a restaurant, but not all of the reviews are valuable and substantial. For example, great holes in the wall may be overpowered by popular restaurants with many ratings.

Third, try to look for food review Internet sites and search inside the site using your current location. Not only will you find some restaurant options, but they are already rated for you. As with other options for looking for restaurants near you, you can also limit your search to cuisines, locations, budgets, etc.

Once you have decided on which restaurant to eat in, you have to make sure that they serve good food. Instead of reading paid for advertisements of restaurants, try to search for blogs that review that restaurant you want to go to. Alternatively, you can check out official websites wherein regular users review restaurants. A sample could be As with all of these user generated reviews, they will ensure that you would get some truthful reviews of the restaurant. Nevertheless, try to take these reviews with a grain of salt. We all have different tastes and palettes. What is a non-negotiable, however, is sanitation and cleanliness. You would not want to eat in a rat-infested restaurant, right? If you find that your restaurant is one of these restaurants, try and doing another search as suggested earlier.

So next time you are thinking, “Where are the sushi restaurants near me?”, do not despair, it is so much easier than you think!